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Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st RELEASE! Nijiiro prism girl!

Hey people, this is Aoi!

We've FINALLY got our first release, Nijiiro Prism Girl chapter 1!
We hope you would enjoy it.

Now, you can read it on the manga hosting sites but if you would like to download it, please sign up for our forum (link is at the About Us page) and please go to Active projects and click Nijiiro Prism girl. The link is at the bottom. But as a reminder, no distributing the scans please! Please download it for your own use. Thanks! (Also, as a forum member you can get our releases 2 days faster!)

Thanks~~ and have fun reading our first release!


  1. More Please!!!!!!

  2. Hi!! come look at my website~~ shoujoxmanga.wordpress.com!! thanks!! <3

  3. we all want more! PLEASE

  4. update it please...!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DYING TO READ IT ATHE NEXT CHAP!!!!!!!!!1 ITS 2012 ALREADY!!!!!1 DANGGGGGG~!!!!!!!!!! DON'T TELL ME YOU GUYS DROP IT~!!!! =__="

    Euni-chan! ;)

  5. Please Please update! I really want to read this! I have waited for about a year or a half for an update!

  6. Ya when's it's going to come u are u guys really that lazy I heard there are 3 volumes THREE!!! and that there still ongoing so what's the problem making us wait it's really not funny

  7. just one word :

    1. + please
      yeah it's 2 words