~Welcome to Crimson wonderland!~

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st RELEASE! Nijiiro prism girl!

Hey people, this is Aoi!

We've FINALLY got our first release, Nijiiro Prism Girl chapter 1!
We hope you would enjoy it.

Now, you can read it on the manga hosting sites but if you would like to download it, please sign up for our forum (link is at the About Us page) and please go to Active projects and click Nijiiro Prism girl. The link is at the bottom. But as a reminder, no distributing the scans please! Please download it for your own use. Thanks! (Also, as a forum member you can get our releases 2 days faster!)

Thanks~~ and have fun reading our first release!

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Staff and Translations

We've got some new staff to introduce!

KP-Admin & J-->E translator

And...as you can see from the right, Bonnie has quitted.

Our translation progress is getting quite on good too.
Just a little more (like about in March? Quite long) and we think we can get our 1st release!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome New Staff!

Hello, and late Merry Christmas everyone!

Crimson Scanlations aka CS has 3 new staff! *Clap clap*

1. Mia as a temp proofreader
2. Bonnie as a cleaner, typesetter
3. LinearCannon as a J-->E translator

Thank you, for helping out this group!
Our projects are still being working on (Niji-pri and Million Girl), so please be patient about that. (yeah, I know it's long since we said that we're gonna work on it but we would appreciate if you be patient about that^^) We might get some new projects going as well. Check our forum site on more about it.

Anyway, welcome, New staff! And we'll try to release our first projects fast~!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recent Updates 2

Hello everyone, sorry I couldn't be on at all recently. (So busy)

Anyway, heres the updates:

FLameAirz07 is finished with cleaning half of Nijiiro Prism Girl, so hopefully the other half would be done soon.

Vanille is updating things in our forum (rules and stuff) Please check them out! There are also a suggestion sections for rules and we're looking for more suggestions!

Ayu has finished translating million Girl ch7 and 8 and the scans are waiting to be cleaning. If anyone can clean does, please do so! Thanks

Ly is proofreading million girl.

And I'm still translating Nijiiro Prism Girl (about 10 pages to go)

And Also...
We"re going to have a potential(?) translator called Heru.
And a new cleaner/t (maybe) called Bonnie!
--hope they can help us!---

Any questions, feel free to contact me!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey people!

Just an update on our recent activity!

-Vanille is editting the html codes for our forum site, so it'll look much more better!!! Please have fun looking toward it!
-Ayu has finished translating Million Girl chapter 7 and 8 and also Ly is currently proofreading it. So, hopefully we would be able to release it soon^^
-FLameAirZ07 is now cleaning Nijiiro Prism Girl and hopefully it can would be done soon too!
-Aoi is translating Nijiiro Prism Girl
-And finally! We're just about to get 2 new staff; 1 translator and 1 cleaner.

We might also get some shounen projects going too...?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special Thanks!

Hello again!

Special thanks to Ayu who had applied to be a C-->E translator! (Ayu is also a proofreader!)
Now, we can work on our second project I was thinking of, Million Girl!

Ayu is now translating that so please be patient. Currently translating Million Girl ch7.

Please stay tuned for more information=]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey everyone! Just some notices.

Please welcome a new mod, Ly, as our second proofreader!!!!
I'll be updating an staff-only site soon, so @mods: please wait until I make it.

Also, I've FINALLY finished scanning Nijiiro Prism Girl so, FLameAiRz07, I think it's time that you do some cleaning!! haha. I'll be translating it too! No woories ;D

Currently, we need some Chinese-->English translators. If anyone is interested in applying, please send an email to amuhinamori24@gmail.com Any questions, please email too.

Recently, I've been getting mails from mods, on suggested projects. Akatsuki no Yona and Seikimatsu no Angel (Sorry, I forgot who sended it...) looks both fine but it seems we need a Chinese translator for it... so until that, I've got a project called Million Girl which another scanlator group seemed to drop it. So maybe, I thought we should work on that one.

Please feel free to comment!!!