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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey everyone! Just some notices.

Please welcome a new mod, Ly, as our second proofreader!!!!
I'll be updating an staff-only site soon, so @mods: please wait until I make it.

Also, I've FINALLY finished scanning Nijiiro Prism Girl so, FLameAiRz07, I think it's time that you do some cleaning!! haha. I'll be translating it too! No woories ;D

Currently, we need some Chinese-->English translators. If anyone is interested in applying, please send an email to amuhinamori24@gmail.com Any questions, please email too.

Recently, I've been getting mails from mods, on suggested projects. Akatsuki no Yona and Seikimatsu no Angel (Sorry, I forgot who sended it...) looks both fine but it seems we need a Chinese translator for it... so until that, I've got a project called Million Girl which another scanlator group seemed to drop it. So maybe, I thought we should work on that one.

Please feel free to comment!!!


  1. I could be a C-E translator ^^

  2. @Starry: Really? That would be awesome! I guess we found one!

    Hmm, I think it would be okay if we started on Million Girl c:

  3. Nice!
    I could contribute more to raws when it's in Chinese...
    Yeah, I guess I should start once I could access the files.

  4. Oh.... I forgot!
    To our new mod, Ly,
    welcome to Crimson Scanlations.
    I'm looking forward in working with you.. ^-^

  5. Hey guys! Nice to meet you all, looking forward to working with all of you. ;D

  6. Welcome Ly! I look forward to working with you! :]
    If you guys were interested, I could design a layout for the website and the forum. Any ideas?

  7. Hi Ly! <3 Nice to meet you ^^
    @Vanille: I think we can have things that when we scroll over it, it changes.(ex. now viewing img 1. Scroll over img 2. now viewing img 2.) Not sure ><"