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Friday, November 19, 2010


Hey people!

Just an update on our recent activity!

-Vanille is editting the html codes for our forum site, so it'll look much more better!!! Please have fun looking toward it!
-Ayu has finished translating Million Girl chapter 7 and 8 and also Ly is currently proofreading it. So, hopefully we would be able to release it soon^^
-FLameAirZ07 is now cleaning Nijiiro Prism Girl and hopefully it can would be done soon too!
-Aoi is translating Nijiiro Prism Girl
-And finally! We're just about to get 2 new staff; 1 translator and 1 cleaner.

We might also get some shounen projects going too...?


  1. Hehe.
    Many staffs = many possible projects!

  2. Ohh, I'm excited to meet the new staff xD
    And I love shounen xD

  3. Check out the New Forum Layout!
    It's not that good. . . Sorry, if you were expecting something spectacular D:
    Feedback, neh? :3

  4. Where is the download for million girl 8?